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 Day Pack (1300 Cu In)
 Fast Pack (1550 Cu In)
 Juan Day Pack - (1100 cu in)
 Juantu Day Pack - (1800 cu in)
 Moraine (3200 cu in)
 Neatha Day Pack - (400 cu in)
 Nimbus Access (3800 cu. in).
 Quetico Expedition Pack (5000 cu in)
 Rox 18 - (1100 cu in)
 Side Cut In-Bounds (800 cu in)
 Side Cut Ride (920 cu. in)
 Superior One Expedition Pack - (7400 cu in)
 Travel Duffel - Large
 Travel Duffel - Medium
 Travel Duffle - XL
 Travel Duffle - XXL
 Waist Pack
Bike Racks
 Big Horn 4
 Copperhead Bike Rack
 King Cobra
 Little Joe
 Lockjaw Bike Rack
 Mighty Joe Bike Rack
 Pronghorn 2
 Steelhead Bike Rack
 Super Joe Bike Rack
Bindings / Harnesses
 Bob Maki Snowshoe Binding
 Gregory Crampon
 Leather ''H'' Harness
 Neoprene ''H'' Harness - SOLD OUT
 Super A Snowshoe Binding
Books - Camping/Hiking
 Advanced Backpacking: Trailside Guide Series
 Be Expert With Map and Compass: The Complete 'Orienteering' Handbook - Kjellstrom
 Field Guide to Eastern Birds - Peterson
 Hiking Michigan - Modryzinski
 Kayak Touring and Camping - Kuhne
 National Audubon Society: Birds, Eastern Region
 Outward Bound - Map and Compass
 The Complete Walker III - Fletcher
 Well Fed Backpacker - Fleming
 White Water and Touring Basics - Krauzer
 Blizzard (Men's)
 Blizzard (Women's)
 Clogs (Men's) - CLOSEOUT
 Comforter (Women's) - CLOSEOUT
 Dry Fast Boot Dryer
 Hut Loafer (Men's) - CLOSEOUT
 Patriot (Men's) - CLOSEOUT
 Rocket (Youth)
 SnowKone (Child's)
 Synchro II GTX (Men's) - CLOSEOUT
 Thermal Insole - Men's
 Thermal Insole - Women's
 United (Men's) - CLOSEOUT
 United (Women's) - CLOSEOUT
 Winterra (Men's Boot)
 Zippy (Infants)
Child Carriers
 BackCountry K.I.D.S. Carrier
 K.I.D.S. Diaper Day Pack
 K.I.D.S. Diaper Duffel
 K.I.D.S. Sun and Rain Hood
 Meadow K.I.D.S. Carrier
Children's & Youth Snowshoes
 818 -Juniors
 Denali Tyker
 Flurry Jr. (Children)
 Grizzly - Ice Colors
 Grizzly - Ice Colors with Claws
 Snowpaw for Kids (Blue/Green)
 Snowpaw for Kids (Blue/Pink)
 Storm (Youth) - SOLD OUT
 Tyker (Youth) - Demo Models
 Youth Model
 Youth Snowshoes (New) - SOLD OUT
 3 Piece Folding Utensils
 Alpine Bowl (Stainless)
 Alpine Cookset
 Alpine Guide Cookset
 Alpine Kitchen Set
 Alpine Plate (Stainless)
 Alpine Teapot - 1 Liter
 BlackLite Classic Cookset
 BlackLite Fry Pan
 Camp Perk Coffee Pot
 DuraLite Classic Cookset
 DuraLite Mini-Cookset
 Khumbu Kettle
 Lexan Cutlery - 4 piece
 LiteLifter Pot Holder
 Nester Cookset - Double
 Nester Cookset - Expedition
 Nester Cookset - Single
 PackTowel Combo
 Stainless Alpine Bowl
 Stainless Alpine Mug
 Titan Mini-Cookset
Dry Bags / Gear Bags
 AquaSeal Dry Box
 Baja Deck Bag
 Baja Stern Deck Bag
 Bow Bag
 Expedition Deck Bag
 Kodiak Taper Dry Bag
 Paddlers Mini-Safe Dry Box
 River Pack - XL
 San Juan Dry Bag 10
 San Juan Dry Bag 20
 San Juan Dry Bag 30
 See Bag 10
 See Bag 20
 See Bag 30
 Stratus Dry Bag - L
 Stratus Dry Sack - M
 Stratus Dry Sack - S
 Stratus Dry Sack - XL
 Thwart Bag
Foot Traction Systems
 Traction System
 Big Crocs
 Crocodile Gaiters
 First Track Gaiters
 Gaiter Booties
 Rocky Mountain High Gaiter
 Rocky Mountain Low Gaiter
Gift Certificates
 Gift Certificate - $10
 Gift Certificate - $100
 Gift Certificate - $150
 Gift Certificate - $25
 Gift Certificate - $50
Hats / Gloves / Layers
 Base Layer Pant - Men
 Base Layer Pant - Women
 Base Layer T-Shirt (Men)
 Base Layer T-Shirt (Women)
 Dexterity Mitts
 Farenheit Ear Band
 Farenheit Fleece Face Mask
 Farenheit Peruvian Hat
 North Shore Hat
 PowerStretch 150 Gloves
 Sherpa Windstopper Hat
 Snow Country Gloves
 Wind Pro Ear Band
 Wind Pro Peruvian Hat
Headlamps / Lights
 Attitude LED Flashlight
 Aurora LED
 Easy Light Lantern w/Piezo Lighter
 Lantern Value Kit
 LED Module
 Long Burning Candles
 Pulsar Light
 Quest Headlamp
 Scout Headlamp
 Solo Headlamp
 Tikka Headlamp
Holiday Ornaments
 Backpack Decoration
 Balsam Pillow Ornament
 Canoe Decoration
 Decorated Canoe Ornament
 Modern Snowshoe Decoration
 Snowshoe Santa Ornament
 Traditional Snowshoe Decoration
 Aqua Sack
 Aqua Therm
 Big Bite Valve
 Bottle Carrier with Velcro Straps
 Camel Clip
 Classic - 2L
 Cleaning Brush Kit
 Day Trekker - 45oz
 DromLite Bag - 2L
 DromLite Bag - 4L
 Hoser - 1L
 Hoser - 2L
 Hoser - 3L
 Hydration Kit - Extension
 HydroBak - 1.5L
 Insulated Bottle Carrier
 Kayak Hydrator
 Lexan Wine Glass (2 Part)
 M.U.L.E. - 3L
 Narrow Mouth Bottle - 32oz
 Narrow Mouth Bottle - 32oz Lexan
 Sport Water w/Squirt Cap
 Stainless Vacuum Bottle - .5L
 Stainless Vacuum Bottle - 1L
 TrailBlazer - 70oz
 Trident (70oz)
 Tube Extender Kit
 Tube Trap
 UnBottle - 100oz
 UnBottle - 70oz
 Water Tank - 4L
 Water Tank - 6L
 Water Walker - 34oz
 Wide Mouth Bottle - 32oz
 Wide Mouth Bottle - 32oz - Lexan
Kayak Carts
 Canoe Cart
 Fat Boy
 Kayak Cart
 PB Flyer (Bike Trailer for Kayaks)
 Scupper-Pup Cart (Sit-on-Tops)
 'Tomato' Portage Cart
 Yedo Cart
Mattresses / Pillows
 Base Camp Mattress
 Classic Mattress
 Deluxe Camping Pillow - Large
 Deluxe Camping Pillow - Medium
 Guidelite Mattress
 Sport Lite Pillow
 Sport Seat
Paddler's Outerwear
 Child's PFD
 Economy Paddlers Vest
 Eureka PFD
 Monterey PFD
 Outfit Tour PFD
 Paddlers PFD
 Paddling Gloves
 Pro-Tec Ace Paddle Helmet
 River Runner Low Tops
 Super Breeze Paddling Jacket
 Ultra Splash Dry Jacket
 Vent Cap
 Breeze -Evening (Carbon)
 Drip Rings
 Expedition Kayak Paddle
 GoldenLight Kayak Paddle
 Impression - Wood Kayak Paddle
 Infusion - Kayak Paddle - Narrow Shaft
 Infusion - Kayak Paddle - Regular Shaft
 Infusion Dream Crank - Kayak Paddle
 Loon - Canoe Paddle
 R/S Magic Kayak Paddle - Flame
 R/S Magic Kayak Paddle - Ice Blue - SOLD OUT
 RS Extreme (6 Piece) Kayak Paddle
 RS Magic 2 Kayak Paddle (Women)
 Storm Dream Kevlar - Kayak Paddle
 Twig - Youth Canoe Paddle
 Whisper Dream - Kayak Paddle
Paddlesport Racks
 Bow & Stern Tie Down
 Canoe Carrier - 579xt
 DryDock Hitch Mount
 Glide and Set Combo Carrier - 883
 Goal Post - 997
 Gunwale Brackets
 Hull-a-Port - 835xt
 Hully Rollers
 Hydro-Glide Kayak Saddles - 875xt
 Kayak Stacker
 Kayak Stacker - 830
 Mako Saddles
 Set-to-Go Saddles w/Tie Down - 878xt
 Vee Rack
Paddling Accessories
 Adirondack Cockpit Rim Cover
 Adirondack Spray Skirt
 Bilge Pump
 Bungy Paddle Leash
 Coiled Paddle Leash
 C-Strobe for PFD's
 Drain Plug Kit
 HP Map Case - Large
 HP Map Case - Medium
 HP Map Case - Small
 Kayak Anchor Kit - 3lbs
 Kayak Hydrator
 Kayak Paddle Float
 Kayak Seat Back Rest
 Kayak Seat Cushion
 Kayak Thigh Support Cushion
 Map Case - El Nino
 Map Case - Storm Shield
 Map Case - Thunderhead
 Mesh Deck Bag - Large
 Mesh Deck Bag - Small
 Paddle Leash
 Rescue Throw Bag
 Scout Cockpit Rim Cover
 Sport Short Skirt
 Touring Kayak Spray Skirt
 Touring Seat
 Trip Kit (Mini)
 Vista Cockpit Rim Cover
Roof Racks & Accessories
 Aero Fit Kits (for Aero Foot Pack)
 Aero Foot Pack - 400XT
 Cross Bar Pads
 Cross Bars - 48 or 58 in.
 Cross Bars - 66 or 78 in.
 Crossroad Railing Foot Pack - 450
 End Caps
 Fat Mouth Clamp - FM1
 Heavy Duty Tie Down Straps
 Load Bars - 50 or 58 Inches
 Load Bars - 67 or 78 Inch
 Load Straps - 523
 Lock Cores - 4 Pack
 Lock Cores - 6 Pack
 Lock Cores - 8 Pack
 Lock Set - 2 Locks - #512
 Lock Set - 4 Locks - #544
 Lock Set - 6 Locks - #596
 Outdoorsman 300
 Q-Tower Stretch Kit
 Quick Draw Tie Down - 855
 Roof Fairing
 Tracker II Foot - 430
 Tracker II Foot Kit
 Wind Jammer
Ski and Board Racks
 Big PowderHound
 Deluxe Pull-Top 6 Ski Carrier - 726
 'Flat Top' 4 Ski Carrier - 724 - SOLD OUT
 'Flat Top' 6 Ski Carrier - 725
 SideKick Roof Box (Snowshoes) - 682
 Snow Cat - 5400
 Snowboard Carrier - 575
Snowshoe / Trek Poles
 16mm Expander
 18mm Expander
 6000 Poles (2 Part) - SOLD OUT
 7000 Pole (3 Part) - SOLD OUT
 7000 Poles for Women (Elektra Series)
 Carbide Flex Tip
 CM 3-part Snowshoeing Pole - SOLD OUT
 Deep Powder Baskets
 Denali 2 Snowshoeing Poles
 Denali 3 Snowshoeing Poles
 Denali Overland Carbon Poles
 Dome Basket
 Pathfinder Jr. (Youth Model Poles) - SOLD OUT
 Pole Bag
 Poles - Makalu Tour
 Poles - Makalu Tour Anti Shock
 Poles - Super Makalu CorTec PA
 Poles - Vario
 Rubber Walking Tip
 Sierra Walking Staff w/Anti-Shock
 Snowflake Basket
 Snowshoeing Pole - 2 Part (SOLD OUT)
 Snowshoeing Pole - 3 Part
Snowshoe Carry Bags
 'CM' Snowshoe Bag
 KnapSack Snowshoe Pack
 'RF' Snowshoe Bag - SOLD OUT
 Snowshoe Bag
 Snowshoe Yak Bag
 Stow/Go Snowshoe Bag
Snowshoe Furniture
 Folding Rocker
 Huron Reading Lamps
 Huron Snowshoe Lamp
 Loon Table Lamp
 Snowshoe Candle Sconce
 Snowshoe End Table
 Snowshoe Rocker
Snowshoe Kits
 End Table Kit
 Green Mountain Snowshoe Kit
 Ojibwa Snowshoe Kit
 Ojibwa Snowshoe Kit - Youth
 Rocking Chair Kit
Snowshoeing Books
 AMC Guide To Winter Camping - Randall
 Basic Essentials - Snowshoeing
 Building Snowshoes - Gilpatrick
 Building Snowshoes and Snowshoe Furniture - Gilpatrick
 Making Snowshoes (Video)
 Snowshoe Hikes in the White Mountains
 Snowshoeing - From Novice to Master (5th Edition) - Prater
 Snowshoeing Colorado - Second Edition
 Trail Atlas of Michigan - Hanson
 Trailside Guide - Winter Adventure (Krauzer)
 1025 w/Free Stellar 2 Part Poles
 1030 w/Free Stellar 2-Part Poles
 1225 w/Free Stellar 2-Part Poles
 1230 w/Free Stellar 2-Part Poles
 721 - SOLD OUT
 725 - SOLD OUT
 730 - SOLD OUT
 825 - SOLD OUT
 Adult with Claws
 Adventure 25 - SOLD OUT
 Adventure 30
 Adventure 36
 Alaskan (10 x 56'') - SOLD OUT
 Altitude 25
 Altitude 30 w/Free Tubbs Knapsack
 Altitude 36 w/Free Tubbs Knapsack
 Backcountry 30
 Buck (10 x 36'') - SOLD OUT
 Catalyst (Fitness) - SOLD OUT
 Denali Ascent
 Denali Classic
 Denali Classic Snowshoe Combo Pack
 Denali Hiker
 Discovery 21
 Discovery 21 Snowshoe Starter Kit
 Discovery 27
 Discovery 27 Snowshoe Starter Kit
 Discovery 33
 Discovery 33 Snowshoe Starter Kit - SOLD OUT
 Driftbuster (10 x 46'') - SOLD OUT
 Dual Trac (Fitness) - SOLD OUT
 El Lobo
 Elite 25
 Evo - Flotation Tails
 Evo Ascent
 Evo Classic
 Flotation Tails - 26
 Flotation Tails - 30
 Frontier - SOLD OUT
 Gold 10
 Gold 10 Backcountry Package
 Gold 17
 Gold 17 Backcountry Package
 Gold 9
 Gold 9 Backcountry Package
 Hike 22 - SOLD OUT
 Hike 25 - SOLD OUT
 Hike 30 - SOLD OUT
 Hike 36 - SOLD OUT
 Michigan (12 x 46'') - SOLD OUT
 Mountain 25
 Mountain 30
 Mountain 36
 Ojibwa (12 x 58'') - SOLD OUT
 Pathfinder 25
 Performance 25 w/ATB Binding
 Performance 25 w/Ratchet Binding
 Performance 30 w/ATB Bindings
 Performance 30 w/Ratchet Binding - SOLD OUT
 Performance 35 w/Ratchet Bindings - SOLD OUT
 Pinnacle 25 - OVERSTOCK
 Powder 25
 Powder 30
 Quicksilver 25
 Quicksilver 30
 Rescue 30
 Sawyer (9 x 30'') - SOLD OUT
 Silver 10 - SOLD OUT
 Silver 17
 Silver 9
 Sport Race - SOLD OUT
 Sport Trek - 25 - ONE PAIR LEFT
 Sport Trek - 30 - SOLD OUT
 Sportsman (10''x36'')
 Star Gazer 25
 Stargazer 21
 Traditional - Bear Paw - SOLD OUT
 Traditional - Green Mountain - SOLD OUT
 Trail Breaker (10''x36'')
 Tundra 32
 - Light Hiker (Men's)
 - Snowshoeing
 - Trail Runner
 - Traveller (Women's)
 - Trek (Women's)
 - Trekker (Men's)
 Adventure Hiker Socks
 Coolmax Liners - Twin Pack
 Hiking Socks
 Light Hiker Socks
 Ultra Cushion Mini-Crew
 Annual Stove Maintenance Kit
 Dragonfly Expedition Maintenance Kit
 Dragonfly Stove w/11oz Fuel Bottle
 Fuel Bottle - 11oz
 Fuel Bottle - 22oz
 Fuel Bottle - 33oz
 Lite Trail Stove w/Piezo Starter
 Pocket Rocket Stove
 Simmerlite Stove
 SuperFly Stove
 Trail Stove
 Trillium Stove Base
 WhisperLite Expedition Service Kit
 WhisperLite Stove
 WindPro Stove
 XGK Expedition Stove w/11oz Fuel Bottle
 MicroZoid Ultralight - 1 Person Tent
 Sidewinder 2 - 2 Person Tent
 Tent Maintenance Kit
 Trail Dome 4 Tent
 Trail Dome Tent
 Ventana Tent - 2 Person Tent
 Yellowstone 7 Tent
 Zoid 2 - 2 Person Tent
 Zoid 2 - Footprint
Unique Gifts
 Bear Breath Soap
 Canoe Picture Frame
 Cool Moose Hats
 Gift Set
 Healing Balm
 Heavy T-Shirt
 Kayak Picture Frame
 Leather Photo Album - Solo Canoe
 Lip Balm
 Moose Crossing Sign
 Moose Juice Soap
 Pewter Snowshoe Keychain
 Signature 2 with Key Fob
 Signature 2 with Light and Key Fob
 Snowshoe Picture Frame - SOLD OUT
 Welcome Sign (Deer)
Water Filters
 Guardian Purifier System
 Marathon EX Filter Element
 Mini Works EX Water Filter
 MIOX Purifier
 WalkAbout MicroFilter
 Water Filter Maintenance Kit
 WaterWorks EX Water Filter
Women's Snowshoes
 1022 Elektra (Women) w/Free Stellar 2-Part Poles
 1025 Elektra (Women) - w/ Free Stellar 2-Part Poles
 822 Elektra (Women)
 825 Elektra (Women)
 Adventure 21 - Women
 Adventure 25 - Women
 Altitude 21 - Women - SOLD OUT
 Altitude 25 - Women - SOLD OUT
 Gold 13
 Pathfinder 25 for Women
 Pinnacle 21 - Women
 Sport Women 21
 Sport Women 25
 Women's Performance 21 - OVERSTOCK SALE
 Women's Performance 25 - SOLD OUT



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