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Some News and Updates

By: Ben Carr
Last Updated: October 1, 2004 4:09 AM


We have completed our conversations with the bank and we will be moving the present store to its NEW location...the old Randall Lumber building in Roscommon...in the spring of 2005!

For those of you who have visited us here, you know how full we are in the existing store. With our shipping, retail and office occupying the same building we, at times throughout the winter, have literally had to close the doors because there wasn't any more room to move around all the boxes. So we have decided to purchase an old lumber yard in town and will begin to renovate and clean the building this fall. We will use the new space this winter to store products and anticipate moving in next spring when the new paint has dried. We'll keep you posted!


We have finally found a line of great outterwear that we will be carrying in the shop this winter. The new line will include men's and women's fleeces embroidered with the Snowshoe Center logo and a selection of comfortable and attractive outter shell jackets in eye- catching colors. We will be modeling these for product shots in mid-October!!


Several of you have noticed the change in our shipping policy and called to inquire 'what's up?'!

Basically...the cost of shipping is up! We have historically shipped exclusively with UPS. However, with the increased costs associated with this form of shipping, and our desire to prudently manage our business, we have begun to utilize the Postal Service in such instances where this service makes sense. Many of the packages we ship to you are small and can be easily shipped via Priority Mail through the Post Office...typically with the same (and sometime's faster) transit time. Consequently, we have reduced our standard shipping fee from $7.50 to $5.95 for many of your smaller orders.

We have also put into place a shipping charge that fairly reflects the usual costs that are associated with normal shipping of larger items (such as snowshoes). In addition, there is now a shipping surcharge for several bigger and bulkier items like bike racks, some of the boat/kayak racks and so on. This charge will be added on when we process your order. This charge is clearly marked on the product page where it applies.

Our philosophy is to basically cover our costs in this expensive area...while continuing to provide you with the high level of customer service that we are known for. If you have any questions or comments about these charges, please email us or call us...1-866-275- 0300...and we will be happy to visit with you.


Several of you have called to inquire about Sherpa Snowshoes and what is going on with that company. In a nutshell, Ideal Manufacturing (the company that owns Sherpa) has chosen to stop production of the Sherpa Snowshoes product line. They have been actively seeking a buyer for the company...but at this point there has been no deal.

Unfortunately, with the company having ceased production, all warranty work has ceased as well. This means that any repairs your Sherpa snowshoes may require cannot, at the present time, be performed. Should there be a change of ownership I will let you know.


After a great deal of thought, and at the urging of our children(!), we are going to be introducing the K2 and Morrow snowboard lines here at the store. Although this is a bit of a departure from our normal gear line- up, we work with a lot of backcountry snowboarders from around the world who buy snowshoes from us to access non- trail locations they want to snowboard. Add to this the fact that snowboarding is still growing rapidly in popularity and it makes for a nice adjunct niche we can fill with our floorspace!


Please make a note that our toll free telephone number for Sales and Customer Service is 866-275-0300!

Happy Trails,
Ben Carr



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