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What Type of Snowshoe Should I Select?

This section is intended to help you select the right type of snowshoe for the terrain and style of snowshoeing you plan to enjoy.

Recreational Snowshoes: These snowshoes are typically intended for flat to gentle terrain. You might use recreational snowshoes for just going out and tromping around the backyard...or taking an easy walk on the trails. Typical features of these snowshoes will be a modest traction system to prevent slipping on icy or hardpacked snow, a strap binding to hold your feet in place, and a good quality decking/frame material to resist elements you might encounter while outdoors.

Hiking Snowshoes: These snowshoes are designed for those who intend to venture more off-trail and into terrain that might run from flat to modestly aggressive. Hiking snowshoes will typically have more rugged decking than recreational snowshoes, sturdier binding systems for better foot support in the off-trail environment and a good traction system for stability.

Backcountry Snowshoes: As this description implies, backcountry snowshoes are intended for those whose typical destination is off the trail. These snowshoes are also intended to provide good performance in all types of terrain: flat to mountainous. Backcountry snowshoes typically will have very rugged deck and frame materials, very sturdy bindings that are typically mounted to the snowshoe so that your feet can pivot through the snowshoe for greater traction while ascending, and the most aggressive traction systems for stability in all terrain conditions.

Fitness Snowshoes: These snowshoes are designed for those who want to continue a running or jogging program through the winter months. Fitness snowshoes typically come in just one-size and are intended for use on trails...not venturing off into deep powder. The shape of the fitness snowshoe is unique and intended to minimize the potential of banging your calf while running. All of the fitness snowshoes we sell are approved for use in USSSA sanctioned races.




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